Education Excellence

Education Excellence

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Many Nevadans are aware of the unfortunate reality of our 49th ranked school system.  Simply put, Nevadans should expect to see a focus on educational improvement and opportunity.  Instead, school administrators, trustees and legislators are focused on topics like looking backward at racial victimization, implementing transgender instructional materials into classrooms, and attempting to provide "menstrual equity".  Whatever the agenda of the people promoting these topics, implementation does nothing to improve the performance of the 49th rated school system.  And as these programs are being implemented, deans are being de-funded, administrators and teachers are leaving public schools, and violence is on the rise.  

I believe that the dynamic of competition and parental motivation to get the best education for their children are factors that can improve Nevada's educational performance.  To the extent possible, parents should have the ability to choose a school environment that will best educate their children.

I have seen the following "Parental Bill of Rights" proposed in Colorado. 

I would support similar legislation in Nevada.

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