About Eddie Facey -

Hi!  Thanks for visiting my website and allowing me the chance to introduce myself.

My name is Eddie Facey.  I have over thirty years of history of leadership roles in companies in diverse industries.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Hillsdale College (MI), after which I passed the CPA exam and worked for five years at the Los Angeles office of the accounting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers.  After five years in public accounting, I accepted the opportunity to serve as the CFO of a manufacturer making parts for the commercial aviation industry.  After that company was consolidated, I took subsequent management roles with firms in the telecommunications, distribution, and dental fields.

In 2001, a partner and I decided to launch an entrepreneurial enterprise providing advertising to individual dental practices.  With a paralyzing shock to the economy from the major event in September of 2001, we had to get through real concerns about the survival of our young business.  I decided to both continue to sustain and grow the business and enroll in the Executive MBA program at UCLA.  

In 2004, I completed my graduate studies and earned my MBA.  As the advertising business had stabilized, I decided to formally locate the business in Las Vegas, due to the dual attractions of Nevada’s tax structure as well as the convention opportunities in Las Vegas that would allow interaction with dentists from across the country.  

As far as governmental experience, I served on the Hawthorne, CA Airport (HHR) Committee for three years.  The committee reviewed the Airport’s fuel tax and tie-down fee structures and developed plans for an Airshow combined with the West’s only qualifying tournament for the Memphis in May National Barbecue Championships.  In Nevada, I served on the Governor’s Task Force researching the promotion of Medical Tourism in the state. My wife JoJo and I have been married for almost 18 years and moved to Las Vegas in 2004.  We bought our current home in District 42 in 2008 and have lived here ever since.

My Heritage - My mother was the daughter of a Chinese immigrant to the Philippines.  Her parents had an arranged marriage, with her mother dropping out of school and getting married at age 13 to my grandfather, who was 36. Mom applied for a Fulbright scholarship and was accepted into the Stanford University Graduate School of Business at a time when women rarely went to business school in the US.  In fact, her entering class had 200 men and two women.  Rather than feeling disadvantaged as an Asian woman with a heavy accent, she understood that she had a great opportunity to thrive and create a life that she dreamed of.  If you ask Mom her nationality, she will say she is Chinese by blood, Filipino by birth and American by choice. My father was a classmate at New York University, which is where my parents met in earning PhDs.  The photo shown in the middle, to the right, are my parents on their wedding day
in 1964.